You Don’t Need To Be Married By 25

No, you’re not broken if you haven’t put a ring on it.

My Facebook feed was flooded with pictures of sparkling rings.

I looked at my own hands. One had on a pretty turquoise ring I bought myself for my 21st birthday. The other had some indistinct smudges on it that may have been the remnants of chocolate cheesecake.

I found myself getting a little envious of my engaged and married friends, to be honest.

I wanted a sparkly thing. And someone who would take pictures with me. And someone I could tell people was “my boyfriend” with all the beaming pride that entailed.

But if I really think about it, marriage isn’t what I want.

I’m not ready. I don’t even have someone to get married to, which I’m told is an important part. Even if I did, I still don’t think I’d want to settle down. That’s a huge life decision and I’m not sure I’m ready to make it.

That doesn’t make me broken or unlovable or wrong.

It just means that I’m taking my time. I’m setting my own milestones. I’m focusing my energy on other things that bring me joy, like writing and being a doting succulent mom.

Mental Health Advocate | Writer | Aspiring Cat Lady |

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