What Being Absurdly Wealthy & Important Taught Me About Life

AKA, every clickbait post ever.

I went to a car dealership when I was 12 years old to buy like seven Lamborghinis.

“This is outrageous!” I exclaimed, kicking over his trash can and shaking my fists into the general air.

Because he didn’t know that I am Mr. Lamborghini.

You should never judge a book by its cover.

It’s much harder than you think it will be.

Not everyone will like you.

Maximize your synergies. Hustle hard. Growth mindset. — Elon Musk, Wealthy & Successful Person

It’s all about productivity.

Maximize your time. Minimize bullshit. That’s the path to success. — Jordan Yates, Wealthy & Successful Person

Mental Health Advocate | Writer | Aspiring Cat Lady | https://jordanyates.me/

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