Reflections on sticking around, three years later.

It’s been three years.

Back then, I was an overworked and overcommitted college student, balancing a full-time course load with a full-time job as a freelance writer. An agency I wrote for was telling their clients I was a “senior writer,” and said I had to present myself as such. The margin for error…

Every neurodivergent voice needs to be heard.

It’s official: I’m neurodivergent.

I finally got the medical seal of approval when my therapist agreed to walk through the diagnostic screening for ADHD. I was not surprised when I got a perfect score for “inattentive type.”

My diagnosis may be new, but I’ve known I wasn’t neurotypical for a…

Even if it feels too small to be trauma, it could be.

“Have you ever experienced any trauma?”

I was meeting with a new psychiatrist for the first time when she dropped that question on me.

I thought for a second. Well, I’ve never been raped or sexually assaulted. For some reason, that was the first thing that came to mind.

I’ve also never been in war. I’ve…

We lied to a nonprofit, and boy, do we feel guilty.

We adopted a 7-year-old Phillipino boy named Steven.

It was our eighth date (but who’s counting?) and we decided to wander around 16th Street Mall in Denver, which is just a few city blocks of shops and restaurants.

On a few street corners, I spotted guys in vests who were almost certainly trying to sell us something.


Short answer: No.

“My childhood wounds haven’t impacted me at all because I don’t let them.”

But they did. This woman was talking about how she was always left out as a kid. Everyone would get invited except for her. …

I don’t feel like I deserve to take a break. But is it okay if I do anyway?

I don’t know if the condition has a name, but I’ve been calling it “fake sleep.”

The first four hours of my sleep are great. That deep, yummy sleep where you wake up and go “Ah, I slept. Nice.”

The second four hours are nonsense. I swear I wasn’t conscious…

AKA, every clickbait post ever.

I went to a car dealership when I was 12 years old to buy like seven Lamborghinis.

The dealer treated me like I was 12 — which I was.

“You can’t afford these cars,” he told me. He insisted upon taking me through the whole financing process even though I had enough money in the bank to buy 10 Lamborghinis (but I was being conservative by only…

Don’t play it safe. You’re worth more than that.

I wanted to date men I wasn’t attracted to.

When asked I insisted it was because I “gave everyone a chance” and because “looks don’t matter” and because I “might find a gem.”

The truth is, I didn’t deserve the guys I liked.

I knew it. I knew it by the semi-faded acne scars on my face and the…

I can’t promise they’ll accept it, but this is a start.

Apologies are tough.

Managing uncomfortable emotions, reckoning with your ego, and resisting the urge to say literally anything you can to make the bad feelings go away make giving a good apology a challenge.

But apologizing well is critical to being well-liked and well-respected. We all make mistakes. …

Sorry, I’m not eating that.

Hi, I’m Jordan. I’m 21 years old and I’m a picky eater.

Cue tomato-throwing.

I’ve always felt I should be ashamed of it. People say I should be starved for a few weeks until I learn to appreciate food. They say my mom should’ve force-fed me anything I hated until…

Jordan Yates

Mental Health Advocate | Writer | Aspiring Cat Lady |

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